Posted on Mar 28, 2019

Morro Bay Hearing Aid Center

Isn't it ironic that Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear? We believe during his yellow period he suffered from yellow vision a documented effect of digitalis toxicity. He also suffered from depression and cognitive decline.
Today, we have found a statistically significant correllation between people with UNCORRECTED HEARING LOSS and INCREASED INCIDENCE OF COGNITIVE DECLINE and DEPRESSION. It is easy to understand the feelings of increased frustration and social isolation due to hearing loss. That is the BAD NEWS! The GOOD NEWS is that there is a good solution to mitigate the effects of hearing loss. It is easy. If you are questioning if you have hearing loss, just call and get your FREE hearing test at Morro Bay Hearing Aid Center in Beautiful Morro Bay. We are here for your hearing! It's all about WELLNESS! Treating the WHOLE Person not merely an ear. There is more to it than that. However, it is easy for us! KNOWLEDGE plus EXPERIENCE equals WISDOM. Let us help you on your path to WELLNESS.

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